Cloud Satellites

by Maudeco

99,00 lei

Add-on decorative clouds. Contains no lights or electronics, for use with our other clouds.

Here are the sizes (in centimeters):
Small Pack: 5cm (3 pcs), 10cm (2 pcs)
Medium Pack: 5cm (6 pcs), 10cm (4 pcs), 25cm (2 pcs)
Large Pack: 5cm (9 pcs), 10cm (6 pcs), 25cm (4 pcs), 35cm (2pcs)

Features include:
  • Transparent wire for hanging on the ceiling.
  • Sticky adhesive mount for ceiling fixture (white).

  • NOTE: Please allow 3-5 days production lead time. If you are interested in purchasing a large quantity please contact us so we can get a more accurate shipping quote for you.

    All of our pieces are handmade, therefore no two pieces are exactly alike.